Multi-Touch Keyboard and Mouse, a work of art

This Multi-Touch Keyboard and Mouse package is a fantasy product with fresh design. The project is released on the  Kickstarter.

The Keyboard & Mouse package is made of glass. This makes it work of art. How cool it will be if you place this great keyboard on your desk. There are many people left their comments on this project to show their interest on this creative product. The whole fund, this project have raised, shows people’s enthusiasm. It get about $100,000 while it just intended to raise $50,000.

In contract with my idea, this product uses simple technology. As the figure shows, it uses a IR LED, a lightpipe, a glass and a camera to make all this product. It uses a FTIR technology to achieve their wanted functions.

There are many DIYers uses FTIR to realize a similar function as Microsoft Surface do. You can search FTIR or Multitouch on YouTube to find some video tutorials.

This project on Kickstarter uses a existing simple technology to make a great idea. It uses FTIR to make multitouch and beautiful design on one product.

Will you going to purchase it in the near future?