Path 2.0 new features review

Do you remember that Path say no to Google’s $100,000,000 purchase?  This Facebook staff’s great app have received more than 100+ million users. Recently, they released Path 2.0. The Path 2.0 have some great features added and uses a absolutely new user interface design.

The new UI design review

Many user are surprised by the Path 2.0 new UI. When you first login to the new Path2.0, it will ask you to select a “Cover Photo” for yourself. You can show your aesthetic idea to friends with this new “Cover Photo”. Path officially offer 40 pictures for your choice. All these photos are provided by a great photographer John Carey. You can see them on

Open the Path 2.0, you will find some interesting ideas. It will display a small clock on the right side when you slide to view friends’ news.

If you are going to share your status, you should click “+” on the left-bottom corner. 6 extend menu will display after clicking it.  The menu design in Path2.0 is very like the new Facebook app.

“Sleeping” and “Awake”, all user status

This is a interesting idea. When users go to sleep, they can change their status in Path from “Awake” to “Sleeping”. After a small animation, Path will start sleeping schedule. When user get up, they change status to “Awake” and Path will send out this message to all your friends with local area weather and temperature information added.

When asked why did Path add sleeping as one of its five moment types, the CEO Dave morin answered on Quara that:

First, we are now in the Post-PC, Mobile era. In the PC era we would often ask: are you online or offline? In the Mobile era this is no longer the case. You are simple sleeping or awake.

Second, because we now carry our mobile devices everywhere, they have become the best way to journal all of the important personal information from our lives. There is a trend around personal health applications which help you live healthier happier lives. Sleep data has been an interesting part of this trend, and something we thought would be nice to start with on Path.

Third, users tell us that they love getting our notifications during the day, but at night they would prefer if the notifications were not streaming in. Sleep also provides utility by turning off notifications while you are asleep.

Share musics with friends on Path 2.0

In the music sharing function, users can share musics, which are playing on iPhone, with friends. Beside comments or add location information, users can tell friends who accompany them. Path allow users to preview music. It also support iTunes Store links to let users purchase musics easily. If you want to spread your status to more users, you can select Sync to Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare at the right bottom corner. So, there is actually no friends number limit.