The Google Play ( former Android Market ) restricted users to download Apps only from their phone. But some Android phone don’t have Google Play client. So how to download android apps from google play? We can download apps on PC through a Google Chrome plugin. First, add the “–ignore-certificate-errors” shortcut into Chorme. Then download the Chrome […]

Previously, we may need to search chords on the internet and then print then for learning Guitar.  But now, we get the Chord app for Android to help us learning Guitar Chords quickly and easily. This android app have two layouts: the horizontal and vertical layout. I think the horizontal version is easier for using. The free version has […]

This is the manual book to help you install and run an Android Application on BlackBerry PlayBook under BlackBerry simulator “Android Player”. Now you can use “DDpb Installer” to install an “Android Player” on your PlayBook and then run Android apps under this environment. You should install a JRE first. Download it here. Then you […]

After 3 months of using Android, I have tied many Android Apps. Here I’d like to list my top 10 favorite Android apps. Go SMS Pro This app is used to replace the default SMS app. It let users add shortcut to Android desktop. It can even let you custom theme. I use it to make […]

Do you remember that Path say no to Google’s $100,000,000 purchase?  This Facebook staff’s great app have received more than 100+ million users. Recently, they released Path 2.0. The Path 2.0 have some great features added and uses a absolutely new user interface design. The new UI design review Many user are surprised by the […]

Have you ever seen some professional website or blog have their own Android App? You can make it too. AppYet is a easy and free tool to help your create Android App for your small website or personal blog. Just few steps and you will get a beautiful Android app for your website. What is […]

Android don’t offer a recycle bin to let you store deleted files temporary as Windows do. So it will be difficult for you to recover deleted files on Android cell phones. However, ITGeeg is here to teach you a solution to recover deleted files on Android ( Android 2.1 or above with Root Access only). The […]

Windows Live Messenger for Android Review

Though there are many great Live Messenger clients, like MSN Talk, for Android. However, the official Windows Live Messenger, for the reason of support most PC client’s function, is still the best choice for Android to contact with MSN friends. Test Platform: HTC Desire (Android Froyo 2.2.1; OpenDesire 4.0.32; CPU 768MHz) Features: Support most PC […]

Siine is a Spain/UK-based developer of software. They are aiming at changing the way we communicate with each other by touch screen cell phones. Now they release it’s Icon-Based Keyboard android app: Siine Writer. The Siine Writer is a interesting icon-based keyboard for android. It’s developed to help you input personalized message and save time. […]

Have you ever worry about can not surf the Internet by Wi-Fi network with your Android cell phone? Or maybe your want to purchase a 3G card. Now we tell you another choice: EasyTether Pro, a useful tool to let you connect network via USB. You can connect your cell phone with computer by EasyTether […]