Hello Kitty release 7″ Android Tablet

There are many SmartPhones or Tablet. But few of them are designed for female. For these reason, many female users will buy additional cute accessories for their electronics device. But one CES 2012, we have seen some differences. There are Hello Kitty, Disney, or Nickelodeon showing their wide array of products.

Hello Kitty released a 7″ Android tablet with probably cost $200 when it hits store shelves next fall. It got 800 x 480 pixels resolution display, single core processor with 512MB RAM, WiFi, two mini USB ports, a microSD slot, and (shocker) a mini HDMI port. And it carry a 0.3MP camera in the front. This brand new tablet will run on Android 2.3.

With one physical button on the front bottom, Hello Kitty tablet look like an iPhone3 or iPhone 3GS.