10 free beautiful Android wallpapers

Most of us don’t want our phone use the same themes with others. I’d like to share 10 very beautiful free Android wallpapers from myColorscreen.

Simplistic. A simple style design.


It’s A Me. Mario! It should recall your Childhood Memories.

Colorfull. It’s suit for girl.

White2. A solid style suitable for a real man.

My Own Market.  This Android theme make your phone like Android Market.

Blueeeee.  Blue style, a comfortable color.


Sunny LS.  A warm Android theme.

Gravity. A delicate Android style.

Things Won’t Stay The Same.

The myColorscreen don’t just provides beautiful wallpapers. They will tell you what apps they are using. And the designer will show your their design intent.

There was a critical opinion thinks Android is ugly. But with more and more beautiful design, Android is more beautiful now. And it is easier to customize your Android than iPhone.