How to add external storage support for Google Nexus 7

Last Nexus 7 review I said Google Nexus7 not support external storage. The internal storage for Google Nexus 7 is too small for those people who want to listen musics or watch films on tablet. Now we get a trick to let Google Nexus 7 support external storage or other USB devices.

We need to ROOT the Nexus 7 and then use USB devices via OTG. Adding support for external storage is simple by using OTG after ROOT. You just need to run the StickMount app to make your Google Nexus 7 supporting USB devices.

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According to our test, the speed of using external storage is fast. You can play an 1080p film on Nexus 7 from an external storage. By using USB-HUB, you can add more USB devices to Google Nexus 7. This means you can use keyboard or mouse. The only problem you need to pay attention to is that you should  make sure Nexus 7 has connected to external charger because all USB devices will consume battery power.

By the way, Nexus 7 can support MHL by using the Media Link HD which is released by HTC for their One X.  After rooted, the Google Nexus 7 can support it too. You can download a free app called Wi-Fi Media from Google Play. Then run this app and select My Videos. And then choose to play video on Media Link HD. After these simple steps, your Nexus 7 has turned into a media controller and you can play the video on your HDMI TV via Media Link HD.

Now the Nexus 7 could be more attractive. Why not purchase Nexus 7 from Amazon?