Amazon Price Check App: find cheapest price with iPhone and Android

Amazon release Price Check app for iPhone and Android phones to help users find the cheapest price online by scan products’ bar code. It’s very easy to use.

How to use Amazon Price Check App.

Open “Price Check”.

There are three buttons on the top. They are Scan it, Snap it and Say it.

Click Scan it and enter the scanning window.

It will display the cheapest price result on the internet after read the bar code.

Why should you use Amazon Price Check

In order to attract users, Amazon announced that they will give a 90% discount on goods which are booked by Amazon Price Check. The highest discount amount should not exceed $5 within 3 goods. It means user can get as much as $15 discount.

Anyhow, Amazon Price Check offers a good idea to save money on daily purchase though users may not get any discount. There are many shops will give a relative lower price on specific products. And people can get benefit from getting these product.

Will Amazon Price Check change consumers habit?

Amazon offers discount on 3 goods to let user try their service. This is aimed to change users habit. As there is a research from Bloomberg shows that 95% consumers are accustomed to purchase products in shops. Price Check is going to lead consumers purchase products online.

Influences affected by Amazon Price Check

Amazon have great services and rich product with cheap price. The new Price Check app will actually affect many small shopkeepers. Olympia Snowe, a US senator, think Amazon should stop this project to avoid this affect.

WalmartLabs also release a app Shopycat to lead users purchase their product. However, Price Check is more powerful. It will be a big challenge to many traditional shopkeepers.