Review: Kingsoft Office 2.0 for Android

The Kingsoft is a Chinese based office software company. Their PC software WPS office is seem as the biggest Microsoft competitor in China. On 18 August, the Kingsoft unveiled it’s office software for Android devices. They name this new software Kingsoft Office. Since published  on May, the Kingsoft Office have gain much attention on. After 3 months improvement, Kingsoft Office 2.0 is available now. Users can download it for free here:

The biggest improvement of new released Kingsoft Office 2.0 is the new UI design. Kingsoft Office 2.0 used soft curve and rich icons. They also added multi-graph support and strengthened document edit function.

1. Multi-graph support

Compared to the latest edition, Kingsoft Office 2.0 added a module to support multi-graph support. Users can use many curves, basic shapes, arrows or flow chart.

2. Strengthened document edit function

It inherited most document function from the former edition. But it improved hand lens and paragraph selection module. These improvement makes users more convenient.

3. More integrated Office document display

It will let user see more details about there documents.

4. Convenient email input.

The Kingsoft Office 2.0 makes email address inputting more convenient. They support many famous email suppliers in there build-in list.

Download free Kingsoft Office 2.0 here.

Preview of Kingsoft Office owner

The owner of Kingsoft Office, Kingsoft, is focus on local office software market. In Chinese office software market, WPS Office, a office software for PCs, has take over about 50 million users. It has become the most famous local office software.