Top 10 Kindle Fire shortcomings

Amazon Kindle Fire win a great success in the early days after released. According to a iSuppli data, they predict “Amazon will ship 3.9 million Kindle Fire tablets during the last three months of 2011”.

However, Kindle Fire don’t satisfy all its consumers. The Kindle Fire user reviews on Amazon suggested these problem. Kindle Fire received 3748 user reviews with 1757 “5 star” reviews and 502 “1 star” reviews. It’s to say, there are about 13.4% users are not satisfied with Kindle Fire.

These “1 star” reviews suggested many Kindle Fire shortcomings. Here, ITGeeg selected top 10 kindle fire shortcomings:

1. One user complains that his Kindle Fire was stolen. The thief purchase many musics by using his credit card as Kindle Fire is connected to buyers account. Then the thief can use buyers credit to purchase documents on Amazon if the buyer didn’t un-register his credit card.

2. Kindle Fire can’t open ebooks purchased on Kindle 2.

3. The Kindle Fire can’t play videos saved on cloud server. However, user can just watch videos purchased via Prime.

4. Can’t purchase contents outside United States.

5. There is no printed user guide. And user can not open user guide on Kindle Fire before registered.

6. Users can not register because of default account is not connected to device serial number.

7. The quality of customer service is so bad.

8. Kindle Fire is slow.

9. Kindle Fire can’t support proxy.

10. Other small issues, like touch screen is not sensitive, web browser is slow, etc.

These complaints shows problem about users experience, security, performance, quality and customer services. 9 of the 10 users, who wrote down the 10 complaints, have cancelled their orders. However, there are more people find some problems but didn’t cancelled their order.

As contract, iPad 2 on Amazon received 476 reviews. There are just 34 “1 star” reviews, which occupy 7.2% total review amount.