8 Best iPhone & iPad Apps Recommendation

There are thousand of apps release every day in Appstore. However, some of them just don’t worthy your time to download. We selected 8 best iPhone and iPad apps in this week.


Hailo is a¬†innovative app to help people in London to get taxi. It’s a location based service. It will check taxis around your by your location. You then click “Pick Me Up Here” and there will be taxi pick you. It’s very like Uber or GroundLink but won’t charge you. It can even allow users pay the taxi fee via the app. Free here. www.itgeeg.com


Olink is a local recommendation apps. It will help you find best food around your place. It will check the food or wine rank other than restaurant rank so you can find the best pizza or tea in your town quickly.


Newstream is developed to help you subscribe to news. It let you subscribe to many great news sources without any advertisement.


You can easily check flight statuses, check in or check alternate flight after you accept the service terms of flights@airadvocate.com. It will even send you alert for flight delays or other notifications.


GarageBand is a music creation app for iPhone or iPod Touch developed by Apple. They also released a iPad version. You can record your music idea and output to other devices.


Halftone can makes your picture to a cartoon. It can add filter or text effect to pictures. It support upload picture to Instagram or Camera+. It have a auto face recognition function.


Tweat.it is a new app to tell you the location of food trucks in New York. It can tack any vehicle to let you know which are selling on the market.


TouchBase is a time manage app which can help you make schedule and alert you. It can even load maps, manage CalDAV account.