Many Android users should have know the Any.Do. It is a great app help you getting thing done. Even many iOS users want to try this app. Now, the And.Do release an iOS version. Let’s have a look at this great app on iPhone. The default interface is very fresh. White blue gray color matching with […]

Since the last update of Absinthe, you are allowed to jailbreak iOS 5.1.1. But why should you jailbreak your iOS devices? What apps do you need after jailbroken? There are many great apps on Cydia. Here I’d like to recommend 9 Cydia apps you must download after jailbreak. Springotomize 2 – $2.99 Springotomize 2 provide rich functions. […]

If you’re a college student, you understand how hectic your schedule can be. Whether you’re enrolled in an online university, a community college, or a state school, juggling class schedules, assignments, and your other daily responsibilities such as work, can get a bit chaotic. Thankfully, you can now use your iPhone to help manage your […]

MOG MOG is one of the best iphone apps out there for playing music. One of the best features of MOG Radio is the ability to have continuous music even after your playlist has finished. There is a MOG Radio button that when enabled will continue to play music related to the playlist you had […]

People pretend they buy iPhones for a number of reasons. Some claim the iPhone 4S to be the best phone on the market; others say it’s an exceptional tool for work, but all us smart people know the real reason – they just want to play with the fun apps. It does, after all, come […]

People are paying more attention to online privacy since the establish of Social Network Websites. With the developing of the mobile network, users privacy becomes a more sensitive problem.  Soon after the news that Path uploads iPhone address book to its servers, the Wall Street Journal accused that Google track users browsing history. Recently, security company Veracode released a [&hel

When people log into the app store with their new iPhone 4S, the amount of options can feel overwhelming. There are so many different types of apps available that it becomes very hard to determine which app is worth your time and which app is just full of hype. Here are the top 5 Iphone […]

TimeStation is a iOS app which can replace your time & attendance machine. It’s a new employee activity monitoring software. It uses a QR code as the employee’s “personal certificate”. When employees punchwork, they should place the printed QR code in front of iOS devices and they can complete a punch.  It can quickly identify the QR code to compl

There are many privacy security apps on iOS platform. But Ben the Bodyguard should be one of the most powerful tools to protect your secrets on iPhone. This app uses a interesting story to make privacy protection more funny. How does it work? We’ll tell you the private details. How the Ben protects your privacy? Ben the […]

Even in this era of technology, documents can easily build up on people’s desktop. Printouts, reports, business cards, meeting notes the list is endless. I think most busy people might have certainly faced this situation. If you find yourself lost in the heap of documents that are in desperate need of sorting and storing, you […]