Five iPhone 4S Games That Will Ruin Your Life

People pretend they buy iPhones for a number of reasons. Some claim the iPhone 4S to be the best phone on the market; others say it’s an exceptional tool for work, but all us smart people know the real reason – they just want to play with the fun apps. It does, after all, come with a fancy dual-core A-5 chip, which will make your gaming experience simply bliss.

However, before you rush out to buy an iPhone 4S in order to get your hands on these fancy apps, you ought to know that you could be ruining your life in the process. How exactly? Well, unless you own an iPhone, you may not be aware just how truly addictive these games are. Just one go and you could find yourself hooked, destined never to leave your home again. Want to save yourself from becoming an app addict? All you have to do is avoid these five super-addictive iPhone apps:

Order and Chaos Online

For some of us there is reality, for others there is Azeroth. That’s right, we’re talking about World of Warcraft, a game so addicting that people have been known to play it for days straight locked in their rooms growing impressive beards. Now, there is a portable version called Order and Chaos online. A massive multiplayer, you’ll fight the evil undead from the comforts of your phone. Forever. It really is impossible to put down.

Dream Zoo

Everyone loves animals; they’re cute, cuddly and now you can have your own zoo thanks to the iPhone 4S. Sounds innocent enough, doesn’t it? Well think again; Dream Zoo will bring out the competitive zoo keeper in you as you battle to ensure your animals breed the cutest of babies – the more you breed the rarer the animals you’ll get. You could well find yourself with a massive zoo and zero social life in no time.

Angry Birds Rio

Perhaps the best-known game since the Nokia gave us Snake, Angry Birds is the King of iPhone games. It’s also, hands down, the most infuriating game you’ll ever come across. Angry Birds Rio has a simple enough concept; you shoot angry birds in the hope of destroying some monkeys. Problem is it’s not as simple as it looks – you’ll be tearing your hair out and staying up all night in order to complete certain levels.

Plants vs Zombies

Fighting zombies against plants might not sound like the most exciting game ever, but then nobody expected Angry Birds to be that great either. Plants vs Zombies is probably the most insistent, unputdownable game you’ll ever come in contact with. A rather surprising fact for a game where you place plants in your garden to avoid a zombie invasion. Avoid at all costs if you value your life.

Fruit Ninjas

The most infuriating of games are often the easiest to play. Fruit Ninjas is one such app – you simply slice fruit in half by brushing your finger across the screen while avoiding bombs as they’ll explode and kill you. An hour later and you’ll be screaming in frustration as you try to avoid those infernal bombs and beat the fruit to gain a high score. Insanity beckons.