We are happy when we remember those days when we were at college, having a great time playing foosball with our friends. A lot of professional players scored their first goal during college, in game rooms on Tornado foosball tables. Today, most tables made for foosball cost more than $500, so if you want to avoid buying […]


The term virtual reality, coined by Antonin Artaud in 1938, now commonly refers to interactive, realistic simulations of environments generated by computer software and hardware. Although most virtual reality systems today are restricted to visual and audio representation, future advancements in neural mapping and nanotechnology may allow for fully-immersive virtual realms within the next thir

In the Frontiers In article “The Virtual Brain: 30 years of Videogame Play and Cognitive Abilities”, researcher A.J. Latham reviews thirty years worth of video game research. Based on the findings of over fifty different studies, Latham asserts that video games boost a huge array of cognitive functions. Able to improve hand-eye coordination, spatial visualization, […]

Are you planning to buy a new PS3? If yes, then I advise you to check wide variety of PlayStation 3 Bundles. The reason is that bundle brings an accessory or game for you. Interestingly, you don’t need to spend extra for an addition feature. Here are details of three PlayStation 3 bundles. 1. PlayStation […]

In order to compete with Game Center on iOS and Games Hub on Windows Phone, a Google-built alternative is being developed. For the past few weeks everyone has been sure that we were going to see some sort of Google Game Center for Android devices in the very near future, likely at Google I/O. The new service will be called […]

The Nintendo 3DS was released into one of the most interesting climates for handheld games and electronics to date. Countless companies were beginning to blur the lines between smartphones, handheld gaming systems, tablet PCs, and a number of other portable gadgets. Due to this, Nintendo had to provide a device that not only stayed true […]

As an avid reader of IT Geeg, chances are that you’re an avid fan of all things technology. But being so often means that you’re continually bombarded with comments from your nearest and dearest, such as “spending too long at your computer is bad for your health” or “playing those games will do you no […]

Smartphones is not only a cell phone now but also plays more roles in our daily life. For many people, the smartphone has become their game player. Most people are playing games on their small screen. Like all games from http://www.casinodino.com, you can only play on your smartphone. For those people who are not willing […]

If you’re a dedicated gamer then you’re definitely going to want to get the most out of your internet connection. Online casino games have come so far in the last few years that it is possible to get the real casino experience from the comfort of your own home by visiting sites like Ladbrokes and […]

Although most of us don’t use our Blackberry phones for purposes other than purely professional, there are wonderful games in the Blackberry world that lets you unwind. Just because we hardly ever play games on our Blackberry smartphone doesn’t mean there is a dearth of interesting games in the Blackberry App world. Though Blackberry is […]