WanderPlayer: Turn Android Phone into Game Console

Smartphones is not only a cell phone now but also plays more roles in our daily life. For many people, the smartphone has become their game player. Most people are playing games on their small screen. Like all games from http://www.casinodino.com, you can only play on your smartphone.

For those people who are not willing to play games with a small scree, many game console are developed for smartphone. The wikipad is one of those example. But it is still not available now.


Then, we got the Android App to turn your Android phone into game controller. This app is called WanderPlayer and is free on Google Play now. This app will allow you playing games with your android phones on your PC or Mac.

To use the WanderPlayer, you need to install client on your PC and you phone. You then select an online game from the WanderPlayer list and open it on your PC. Then you connect two device with WiFi and your Android phone will be turned into a game controller. After tried it out, the WanderPlayer works great without any delay.

Android APP interface


One of the shortage is that the WanderPlayer not support multi-user now. And there are a limited number of Flash games compatible with the controller. This is sure to change as the app receives updates, so give it a look and enjoy. Download the WanderPlayer on Google Play for free.