How to install widget on iPhone without jailbreak

iPhone put all settings under a single menu. This feature makes user know where they can find settings clearly. However, when a setting is deeply under other menu, you will find it difficult to get what you want. Especially when a often used setting is deeply hidden, users may be annoyed.

Lucky, we got a web app called “Setting” to help us solve this problem.

UI designer Jeff Broderick uses the URL Scheming function to let users put any installed apps on iPhone desk like widget. He gathered many common iPhone apps to a dashboard. If you need, you can drag it to your iPhone desk.

For example, in order to save battery, we could shut down the “useless” WiFi function. Normally, we need to go to “Settings->WLAN->OFF”.  But now we just need on click. Click the “WiFi” icon and we can turn off the “WiFi” function easily. Though this feature just save you one click, you will feel absolutely different, especially you often use this function.

Just open on your iPhone and select what widget you need to install.

Besides WiFi, there are many other useful function.

It doesn’t need Jailbreak. You can use is on iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

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