Flat CD Mouse: Let’s Pack Mouse in CD ROM Drive

The biggest advantage for a notebook should be that it let you use anywhere.  This feature makes it suitable for business usage. However, the accessaries such as mouse or charger also annoy many people.

Now, designer Taewon Hwang revealed a concept mouse which can be inserted into CD ROM drive when you flat it.  He turned a CD into a fully functional mouse. You just need to take it out from the CD drive and fold it when you want to use it.  When you need to go, you can flat it into a CD shape.

Taewon Hwang fully uses the room in CD ROM drive.

Just few step to fold it and the CD will convert into a mouse. Just like the Transformers.

Though this flat CD mouse is very thin, all the components needed for a mouse are well placed in it.

Taewon Hwang should have got the idea from paper folding. It makes the mouse very practical for business man. It should get good market performance if the price is not too expensive.