Why Customers Love Android? Let Apple Tell You the Truth

Why so many people buy Android if the iPhone is a perfect choice? Some of you may think the price will play the major role in this phenomenon. But many Android flagship is not so cheap when compared to iPhone, while they also have good market performance. One of a good example is Samsung Galaxy S III.

So Why?

Apple also want to know the answer. They published an internal report showed the reason why so many customers love Android. This research is conducted during 2010 in America. Though the market has changed much, this analysis can still give us some idea.

  • 48% users choose the Android is for the reason that they don’t want to change their current wireless service provider. ( This caused many because iPhone only support AT&T in 2010. )
  • 36% users trust Google so they choose Android.
  • 30% users are satisfied with larger screen
  • 27% users choose Android for the ¬†Android Market ( Now the Google Play)
  • 26% users want better integration with Google Service
  • 26% users want to get the latest and greatest smartphone. (Android phones always get upgrade quicker than iPhone. )
  • 25% users are going to test the latest technology.

So, which section are you going into? I think I chosen Android for the cheaper price and a better integration with Google Services.