Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III battery life exceed expectation

Android phone battery life is a key concern when customers think over the products. The Samsung Galaxy SIII battery life also get many concerns. But the test data shows it has exceeded many people’s expectation.

The processor, screen and battery are the key point to account for a good duration time when compare smartphone under the same network environment.  While Galaxy S3 uses quad core 1.4 GHz Exynos 4 processor with 4.8″ Supper AMOLED HD display, the battery performance is quite good.

Talk Time ( 3G )

The test result show Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III put up pretty great performance of 3G talk. Galaxy S III survived or a 10 hours and 20 minutes of constant talk. This test result is definitely benefit from the enlarged battery volume. The 2100mAh batter put up a pretty great performance.

During test cycle, the screen is closed. AP is under low power consumption condition while BP uses most power.


Web browsing

The screen and AP will both consume much power during this test. Galaxy S III survived for 5 hours 17 minutes.  Compared to 4 hours 24 minutes of Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III provide a better performance.


Video Playback

When we use GS 3 to play MP4 video, it survived 10 hours. It’s a really great result. This means you can watch TV on your smartphone without worry about the battery usage.


The Samsung Galaxy S III has proved that the quad core smart phone can be a good choice for the next generation smartphone. However, the battery is still not enough  for some people who are always travelling. The best idea is to get an extra Galaxy S3 battery.