iPhone 5- Beginning of New Era of Mobile Industry

The gadget lovers and the Apple fans are eagerly waiting for the next generation iPhone. The upcoming iPhone gain the popularity in the US market even before its release, and the credit goes to the rumors and speculations made by the critics, trade experts and public. Apple has not even declared the name of the next iPhone of the series, but the people are ready with the features, design, cost, and the launch date of the iPhone 5.

First of all, let’s have a look on speculated features of iPhone 5.

3D 8 Mega Pixel Cameras:

Apple has already introduced 8 mega pixel camera in its iPhone 4S. This time company is adding an additional feature with the 8MP camera and i.e. 3D technology. With the help of this technology it will be possible to record 3D videos and to capture three dimensional images.


Near field communication is not a new feature in the cellphone industry. Samsung and Google have already featured NFC technology in their smartphone. But NFC is new for iPhones because AAPL has never ever featured it in iPhones. This will be the first time we can see near field communication in Apple’s product.

Wireless Charging

Keeping the problems of the users in mind, AAPL has brought the wireless charging facility in its upcoming iPhone 5. This new feature will give the customers flexibility to charge their phone anytime and anywhere.

Better Storage Capacity

It is expected that AAPL is in mood to extend the storage capacity to 128 GB. So that customers can store the data as much they want. We have seen iPhone 4s with 64 GB memory storage. Just imagine the storing space is just doubled in the upcoming iPhone.

Design of the iPhone 5

We all know that all the rumors are supporting the same thing regarding the look of the 6th generation iPhone and i.e. ultra sleek look. It is assumed that AAPL is switching to OLED from LCD. The upcoming iPhone is estimated to have a larger 4-6 wide screen. The thickness of iPhone is expected less than 8MM.

Cost of iPhone 5

AAPL will try to keep the cost of the next iPhone in the same range of iPhone 4s. But it is also a fact that VAT has been recently increased in the United States. So, this time the price value of the next AAPL’s iPhone is expected to increase than the previous ones.

Expected Launch Date of iPhone 5

According to a Foxconn recruiter- “people can welcome the next iPhone in the mid of June because the production is supposed to complete in the first week of June.

But some of the Business analysts believe that iPhone 5 will strike the US market in the month of July. Whereas, the trade experts assumed that Apple will follow the pattern of releasing its product and that clearly indicates that people will have to wait till the October month to have the most awaited phone of the iPhone series.