8 Best Music Apps for iPad

Pulse: Volume One

This is a original music rhythm app on iPad. Cipher Prime developed the game “Pulse: Volume One”. This game has 8 chapters. There are different music style for players. When playing the game, user can hear what they plays. Though it seems simple to play, to get a high score is not so easy.

Website: http://www.cipherprime.com/games/pulse/


Planetary looks like a 3D Galaxies figure. But it is actually a music app. It’s developed by artist from Bloom. www.itgeeg.com

Planetary will analysis database from iTunes and show it in a 3D effect. In this 3d Galaxies figure, fixed star stands for artist. Their musics are those planet around the fixed star.

Website: http://planetary.bloom.io/


GRID is an interactive Multi-Touch sound visualization for the band Matho. The visuals are controllable via iPhone / iPad.

Website: http://www.futura-epsis1.com/?project=GRID

Mtv Music Meter

MtvMusicMeter.com is a music trend website. This app based on iPad. It allow user to find musics on Mtv Music Meter.

Website: http://www.mtvmusicmeter.com/

Discovr Music

This music app allows users to find music by searching the singer or music name. When you click on one singer or a song, it will show you related people or music.

Website: http://discovr.info/


You should know VEVO.com if you are a music fan. They designed this app for iPad. You can find musics from 7500 musicians for free. So you can use this app to listen music for free on iPad.

Website: Http://vevo.com/

iGuitar Midi

This is a very great music app from the same author of iGuitar. The author Michael developed this version for those professional guitar users.

Website: http://www.accple.com/


This is a quit good music app on iPad. Most Mac OS user know this.

Website: http://www.apple.com/ilife/garageband/