Which app uploads iPhone address book? Let AdiOS tell us

People are paying more attention to online privacy since the establish of Social Network Websites. With the developing of the mobile network, users privacy becomes a more sensitive problem.  Soon after the news that Path uploads iPhone address book to its servers, the Wall Street Journal accused that Google track users browsing history.

Recently, security company Veracode released a Mac software to let users monitor which apps are uploading contacts in iOS. This software is called AdiOS.

You can download the AdiOS to your Mac and then open it. It will check all your iOS apps in iTunes and tell you which apps are uploading your privacy. The running page looks like this:

Regrettable, the AdiOS can just run on Mac. But the app suggested a important message: there will appear many third-party privacy security apps. www.itgeeg.com

But why are  so many SNS companies interested with users address book? The address book is actually the social network   which are developed by users themselves.  By analysis users address book, SNS can easily help users to create relationship with their friends online. By this way, they can attract more users to use their service.

This solution will sometimes benefit users. But how can we make sure that the SNS company will take care of our address book?

The AdiOS do not provide security. It just let users know which apps on iPhone is uploading or will upload your address book or other privacy.