Top 4 iPad Small Games for Relaxation

There are thousands of game apps on iPad. But some of them just don’t worthy waste time. IT Geeg selected 4 small games on iPad which are good for relaxation for your decision.

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is a colorful skilled game. Players should keep away from broken or moving  platforms, UFO or bad guys when jumping.  The score is valued by the height you jumped to. You can upload your score to see its rank all over the world.

Jump and Fly 1.2

The Jump and Fly is a easy but interesting iPad game. It’s very like Doodle Jump. But the drawing design is much fresher which will make you remember your childhood.

Fishdom: Spooky Splash HD by Playrix

This game let you DIY a spooky aquarium.  You need to pass some tasks to get cash to repair you aquarium. You can use witch, vampire or spooky to decorate your aquarium.

Doodle Fit:Doodle Fit Hell-O-Ween v-1.01

You just need to put the right shape to the right place. This a special version developed for Halloween.