Doxie Go: Mobile Paper Scanner

Most scanner are not portable and not easy to use because they are big and computer needed.  Then you need to install driver and other software on your computer. For those who are not familiar with computers, this makes things difficult.

The Doxie Go mobile paper scanner will change your opinion. This is a portable scanner without need of computer.

The Doxie Go is very easy to use. You turn on the power, scan documents and then close it. The Doxie will save the document in its storage card or the connected SD card or USB storage. You can then transfer the documents to your PC with mini USB port connection.

Doxie send few products to Ars for product review. We can get some scanner specs from their review.

Doxie is sold at $199 on Amazon.  Doxie Go is a 10.5″ x 1.7″ x 2.2″ piece of plastic that weighs a little less than a pound. The Doxie Go’s maximum resolution is 600 dpi, but it usually defaults to 300 dpi. Regarding the speed, it takes about 8.5 seconds to make a 300 dpi scan of a standard 8.5” by 11” sheet of paper, and around 33 seconds to scan the same sheet at 600 dpi. This mobile scanner is selling with a small implement for cleaning the scanner slot, a cloth bag, and a scanning sleeve.

The Doxie Go includes 512MB of internal memory. It can hold about 600 documents or 2400 photos scanned at 300 dpi. This storage is expandable using either the unit’s SD card slot or its USB port. The scanner will automatically save scans to the external media rather than its internal memory.

The internal battery can support about 100 scans at 300 dpi. It need to be charged about 2 hour susing either the provided mini USB cable or a $10 international power adapter.

The Doxie Go can scan documents into JPEG file. PDF or other format is also available by using the software developed by Doxie. The Doxie software is available as a free download for both the PC and the Mac. It can be used to view, tweak, and import scanned images, but it also includes some more advanced functionality. My favorite is its ability to “staple” multi-page documents together.

Doxie recommend the Eye-Fi SD card for wireless scanning. The Eye-Fi SD card is a standard size SD card with integrated 2.4 GHz 802.11n wireless. With this card inserted, the Doxie Go can transfer scanned documents to your PC, Mac or Mobile devices.

Above all, Doxie Go is a portable and easy-to-use paper sanner. Though the quality of its file is not so perfect as other Multi-function Printer, this product is still a great mobile scanner. The only shortage is that the Doxie Go is made by plastic which makes it not so strong. The $29 Doxie Go case accessory seems like a good investment.

Buy Doxie Go now. You save $11.78 (6%) now.