Chrome Screenshot: Screen Capture Review

In Firefox, I uses HyperSnap-DX to capture web pages what I’m interested in. When I turned to Chrome, I tried many screenshot add-on. Finally, I remained the Screen Capture from Google.

Screen Capture is the official screenshot plugin developed by Google. It the most stable screenshot I have tried.

Support 4 capture pattern

Capture visible content of a tab. Save the visible field into a image.

Capture a region of a web page. You can set the picture size and location.

Capture  whole page as a PNG image. Just one click and it will capture the full page to a image.

Capture selected region on your desktop. For example, you can capture a region outside your chrome browser but display on the desktop.

JPEG and PNG format are supported for your convenience.

You can also edit your captured image before saving it as a PNG image.

Screen CaptureHighlighting, redacting and adding text are supported. The only shortcoming is that this screenshot can not capture image without opening Chrome browser.