Is the website your are surfing safe? Can you make sure this website is not a spam or contains no virus? None of can make sure all. So, you may need Anti Virus software to keep your computer from hacked. But some software may not testing any website automatically. At these situations, it’s better to […]

Screen Capture

In Firefox, I uses HyperSnap-DX to capture web pages what I’m interested in. When I turned to Chrome, I tried many screenshot add-on. Finally, I remained the Screen Capture from Google. Screen Capture is the official screenshot plugin developed by Google. It the most stable screenshot I have tried. Support 4 capture pattern Capture visible content of a […]

In many family, the kids use iPad most of the time. On this wonderful tablet, kids can playing games, reading books or surfing the Internet. However, contents on the Internet contains many descriptions or pictures which are not suitable for kids. Some adult contents may cause negative effect. Parents should take the responsibility to teach children distinguish […]

Google has issued a beta release of Chrome 14 that includes its Native Client (NaCl) framework and make it automatically enabled. The first use of NaCl in Chrome 10 beta but only available through a special browser flag. Google first introduced NaCl as an experiment project in 2008. It allows developers to compile C or C++ code […]

Technic performance service provider Compuware published a report on web broswer speed today. They simulated users’ habitat to test web broswers speed. The result shows that Google Chrome is the fastest web broswer based on their tests. This research just tested speed under broadband evironment. The gathered data from more than 1.86 billion sample form […]