Research Shows Google Chrome is The Fastest Browser

Technic performance service provider Compuware published a report on web broswer speed today. They simulated users’ habitat to test web broswers speed. The result shows that Google Chrome is the fastest web broswer based on their tests. This research just tested speed under broadband evironment. The gathered data from more than 1.86 billion sample form 200 website though 1 month.

Browser speed test

In the result figure, blue pillar stands for page loading time. Chrome 12 browser uses 3.433 seconds average. While this number is 6.149 for Safari and 6.006 for IE7.

The green pillar shows perceived render time. Google Chrome 12 use 2.374 seconds while Firefox 5 uses 2.18 seconds.

It should be noted that Comez didn’t test the speed in a lab. Their data all come from real record.