Samsung Take Action to Ban iPhone5 in South Korea

Samsung and Apple have many litigation in many country. Till now, Apple win many of these litigation. But Samsung don’t want to give up. They are going to push a law to ban iPhone5 in South Korea.

A anonymous Samsung staff said that Samsung will charge Apple when iPhone5 loaded South Korea. They are going to charge Apple that Apple violated Samsung’s patent about wireless technology.

And, another anonymous Samsung manager suggested Samsung have prepared many other options.

Apple haven’t reply to this rumor till now. On June 2011, United State judge rejected the request from Samsung to check the next generation iPhone.

Samsung VS Apple

At the moment, Samsung is a big competitor of Apple but also supply component to Apple. Last week, a Samsung manager admit that he once leaked un-released iPad’s information in 2009.

In fact, since the first litigation that Apple charge Samsung on April 2011, Apple and Samsung have many litigation. There are at least 23 litigation between this two giants waiting for judgement. Apple won some of this litigation. Germany court have banned the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Germany. And Samsung still try to beat Apple in Germany.

Obviously, Samsung’s statement confirmed that the iPhone 5 will use the NFC ( Near Field Communication ) technology.

It will be a big strike to Apple if Samsung succeed on banning iPhone 5 in South Korea. It will encourage Samsung to use the same strategy in other countries to ban iPhone 5.