Purchase HTC with Sense 3.5 will Get 5GB Free Dropbox Storage

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For those Dropbox users who are planning to purchase a HTC Android smartphone, they get another quick good news. HTC announced that new HTC (HTC Rhyme for example) customers will get additional 3GB Dropbox storage. Plus the 2GB storage offered by Dropbox, users will get 5 GB free Dropbox storage.

Microsoft got Skydrive network storage. Apple also have iCloud. Now HTC is going to own its network storage: Dropbox. Dropbox will be built in HTC phones. HTC smartphone users will be able to upload their files or pictures to Dropbox and then sync with their PCs or tablet. Image that when you are on trip, you family can see your picture real time. How cool it is.

Dropbox offer 2GB free storage. You can get 10GB storage for inviting other people to Dropbox. A free user can get at most 20GB free storage.  www.itgeeg.com

HTC also produce WP7 phones. But there are no declaration show HTC will offer free Dropbox storage for WP7 users.

Till now, just HTC Sense 3.5 users can get 5GB free Dropbox storage. The only Sense 3.5 phone is HTC Rhyme. But HTC is going to release several HTC Sense 3.5 phones in the next few weeks.

HTC didn’t announced whether old Sense users will be updated to Sense 3.5 or whether they can get free Dropbox storage.