This year, we’ve have already seen a massive selection of power-packed and impressive smartphones. From the likes of Galaxy S6 to LG G4, the product range in high-end market is getting better than ever. But, if you’re planning on buying a perfect phone which offers all essential features inside one package, you will have to […]

The HTC One X+ is definitely a boost up from its predecessor, the One X that was released earlier this year. It pretty much looks the same but has quite a few modifications done to it making it a little better than the One X. Processor The processor of the HTC One X+ has a […]

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The Android market is changing radically these years. We see many great Android phones with beautiful design or powerful hardware spec. Sure, we also get some surprise. The HTC One is such a surprise to us. The beautiful appearance with powerful hardware makes me very excited. So how about the real usages experience? Let’s look […]

The 5 inch Butterfly is not the only flagship for HTC in this year.  New rumors have shown that HTC will released a “M7” smartphone in this year to replace their HTC One X. This new product will inherit the advantages from HTC One series and uses 4.7 inch, 1920 x 1080 pixels FHD touch […]

With so many mobiles available on the market, it’s difficult to know which one is the best. You can buy a mobile by finding the best cheap mobile phone deals.Here is the list of top 5 latest mobiles on the market: Huawei Ascend P1: This is one of the more stylish Smartphones. It has been […]

There’s a cliche that photographers who have the best equipment will still resort to their phones to snap pictures, and there’s a nugget of truth in the stereotype. Who doesn’t have a phone in his pocket or her purse at all times? While cameras and accessories are expensive and impractical to lug around everywhere, the […]

As mobile technology breaks new barriers every day, every hour, even every minute, a keen, palpitating anticipation persistently prevails in the hearts of consumers and enthusiasts alike. With anticipation, naturally, comes dreaming, and that is where the most wondrous of ideas take root, often blooming into concept models. Some of these are certain future releases, […]


As cell phone brands all the world are striving to offer customers greater enhancements in smartphones, Samsung and HTC have launched, what they believe, are some of the most top-notch Android smartphones in the world market today. HTC One X launched with great fanfare and received great reviews from the top Blogs in the world. […]

The coming HTC Edge may be the first Quad-core Smartphone. There are also leaked HTC Edge pictures on the website. Now, let we have a quick look at this great phone. Rumor show HTC Edge will deploy the newest mobile network technology. It’s thickness is believed to less than 10mm. It will use a 4.7 […]

Windows Live Messenger for Android Review

Though there are many great Live Messenger clients, like MSN Talk, for Android. However, the official Windows Live Messenger, for the reason of support most PC client’s function, is still the best choice for Android to contact with MSN friends. Test Platform: HTC Desire (Android Froyo 2.2.1; OpenDesire 4.0.32; CPU 768MHz) Features: Support most PC […]