First Quad-core Smartphone HTC Edge Review

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The coming HTC Edge may be the first Quad-core Smartphone. There are also leaked HTC Edge pictures on the website. Now, let we have a quick look at this great phone.

Rumor show HTC Edge will deploy the newest mobile network technology. It’s thickness is believed to less than 10mm. It will use a 4.7 inch screen which have a same 720pP revolution with Rezound/Vigor. The phone have 1GB RAM and 32GB storage. Edge uses a 8.0 mega camera, which have a 28mm aperture and support 1080p HD recording. This phone also support Beat Audio tech.

The most exciting feature is that the HTC Edge will  uses 1.5 GHz quad-core process. It’s to say, the HTC Edge will be the first quad-core smartphone in the market. And HTC Edge will be the first phone to use Sense 4.0 UI.

The are news show HTC will release new or improved HTC service at the same time they unveil HTC Edge.  These services include HTC Listen, HTC read and HTC Play.

There are no obvious evidence prove the HTC Edge will support 4G/LTE network. But the parameter show it will support 21Mbps HSDPA network.

It will run on Android3.0 but will soon update to Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0.

The HTC Edge release date will be on the end of Q1 or start of Q2 in 2012.