Shenzhen Guangxuntong Made Thinnest x86 Tablet

Shenzhen Donguan have spread the “Made in China” to the whole world, as well as “Shanzhai”. However, some of Shanzhai company have now got the ability to design their own products. Now, a former shanzhai digital company “Guangxuntong” have made the world’s thinnest x86 tablet.

The new product is called Eking T9. It’s thinner than iPad2 and become the world’s thinnest tablet PC.

Thinnest x86 Tablet

The Eking T9 carry a 1.5GHz Z670 Intel Oak Trail Atom processor with 2G DDR memory. A 9.7″ IPS capacitive screen (1023*768) is used. There are also a facing camera and rear camera. This tablet offer 32/64GB storage. mini USB and microSD.

Eking T9 will handle Android 3.0 and Windows7 at the same time. But their company is more ambitious. They are planning to support Ubuntu、Windows 8、Windows 7、Android and MeeGo at the same time.

The release date and price of Eking is still a secret.

Thinnest x86 Tablet

Eking T9