Smartphone comparison: BlackBerry VS iPhone

The Android and iPhone are no doubt the most popular smartphone. There are many articles have make a comparison between them. But we’ll tell you the comparison between iPhone and Blackberry, the former most popular smartphone. We will tell you 10 advantages and 5 shortcomings.

BlackBerry advantages

1. Security

Blackberry is safety. There are even no anti virus apps developed for BlackBerry. And BB apps can not edit system files. Obama also uses BB. All these evidence suggest BlackBerry OS is a very safe system.

In the contract, iPhone let apps to edit system files. And many basic apps or build-in functions may crash.

2. Multitask + powerful CPU

BlackBerry is good at handling multi-tasks. It won’t be slow even though you open many apps. But iPhone can not run much apps in one time.

3. Trace ball

The trace ball is a great concept. It’s comfortable and convenient.

4. Apps installation

Blackberry uses cod to manage apps. Java apps can also be installed on BlackBerry after simple transition. But iPhone can not install java apps.

5. Battery life

BlackBerry have a powerful battery and the power consumption is relatively low. But iPhone uses much more battery.

6. Third party apps

BlackBerry have many third party apps. But iPhone is more focus on game apps.

7. Shortcut

BB have many shortcuts. And the interface is great.

8. On Over The Air

BB OTA is a convenient solution to install a app. App Store on iPhone is more complex.

9. Desktop manager

BB DM have a simple solution to install apps. Just click Loader. But iTunes for iPhone is more fat.

10. BIS / BES / Push Mail

These are all great services BlackBerry offers.

 iPhone advantages

1. Re-install is convenient

RE-install system on iPhone is very easy. There are many tutorials on the internet.

2. Rich unlock apps

There are many unlocked apps for iPhone. But rarely blackberry apps are unlocked.

3. able to edit host file. VPN supported.

iPhone let you edit host to use vpn

4. safari

Safari is a powerful browser.

5. Rich games

There are too many games in App Store. The iPhone can let you throw your PlayStation.