How to watch any video on iPad

As the iPad just support single video format-MP4, watch movies on the iPad is sometimes not a easy thing. You can buy movies or TV shows from iTunes. But the idea is costly. However, there are alternatives. You can use mac ipad video converter  tools to convert AVI, DIVX, etc. files for iPad. Here, we are going to recommend you 3 solutions to watch any video on iPad.

iSkysoft iPad Video Converter

The iPad only support MP4. So you may need to convert video files to this format. iSkysoft iPad Video Converter for Mac converts any popular video formats such as AVI, FLV(flash video), MOV, WMV, MKV, and more to iPad friendly formats easily and rapidly.

But this solution get a problem that the converted files will get some loss in quality. But it’s still a practical idea for watching video on iPad.

Avidemux 2

What if there were a way to almost instantly convert these movies, without any loss in quality? It turns out there is. The software is called Avidemux 2, and it is free on OS X, BSD, Linux and Windows.

You don’t need really convert to ipad format osx. It won’t change the actual video content inside but just make sure the new table-of-contents points to the right pages. The video inside remains untouched.

So this solution will be a faster idea to prepare video for you iPad.


There is one even simpler way to play AVI files on the iPad. Apple approved an app called YXPlayer which supports DIVX/XVID. WMV, H.264, WMV and others. It costs $5.

There are many other ipad video converter mac. We just selected 3 of them as our recommendation. If you have any other ideas, please let us know by written down your opinion on the bottom of this page.