Ben the Bodyguard: secure privacy on iPhone

There are many privacy security apps on iOS platform. But Ben the Bodyguard should be one of the most powerful tools to protect your secrets on iPhone. This app uses a interesting story to make privacy protection more funny. How does it work? We’ll tell you the private details.

How the Ben protects your privacy?

Ben the Bodyguard is just a way to keep contacts, notes, passwords, photos and reminders in one place.

You need to answer few security questions before it take effect.  The cool man on a black background makes this app a mysterious experience.

In the backstory, Ben will give your some strict “security suggestions” when your are going to edit password or select protected files.

Ben will take care of your password, notes, contacts, schedule, picture, etc. Click the icon and you can add files you need to protect.


One key feature to the app is the Reminder system. It will pop up a window to show you “Ben wanted to tell you something” when the time comes up. But your should enter the password before check these reminder.

Will you use Ben the Bodyguard?

Ben is a reliable app to hide secrets. It’s easy to use but powerful. As for you, well, you’ll have to decide yourself how many secrets you have to keep. Does the price meet your requirements? Download here.