How to install iPhone themes with WinterBoard

iPhone4 don’t have a function to mange theme. But we can use the WinterBoard to install custom themes. Winterboard is an application that let you customize your iPhone / iPod 2.0+. Winterboard is developed by Jay Freeman aka Saurik, the developer of most popular jailbreak app: Cydia. Now, let’s have a look at how to install themes on your iPhone 4 with WinterBoard.

NOTE: Winterboard can just be installed on a jailbreak iPhone.

How to install WinterBoard

Open “Cydia-> search” and input Winterboard. Then install the Winterboard app. After installed, you can see WinterBoard in “setting”.

How to install themes on iPhone

First, transfer themes to iPhone folder “\private\var\stash\Themes.xxxxxx”.

NOTE: ‘x’ stands for random letter. Themes should be WinterBoard themes, or otherwise it can not be installed.  I recommend you to install the ifunbox to copy data to iPhone. You can find some WinterBoard themes here.

Then apply themes in WinterBoard.

Go to WinterBoard and you will see all themes on your iPhone.Surely, WinterBoard provides default iPhone themes. You can only apply one themes if you want to use your own themes. But you can apply multiple themes which are in the default list. Surely, you can ignore them.

Then press “HOME” button and restart your iPhone.

After restarted your iPhone, you should see the new themes.


WinterBoard themes will use some storage and will consume more battery than the default themes in iOS. But your custom themes should makes these shortage unimportant.