Kindle Fire hands on: 5 shortcomings bring bad user experience

The Kindle Fire received many complaints from its early users. In order to solve these problems, Amazon have issued two software updates in less than a month.

A few of their many complaints: there is no external volume control. Can not connect to Wi-Fi. The off switch is easy to hit by accident. Web pages take a long time to load. The touch screen is frequently hesitant and sometimes downright balky.

After introduced top 10 shortcomings of Kindle Fire, ITGeeg get an user review on the Kindle Fire from a CEO of a technical company.

Main interface design is a disaster

Kindle Fire design idea is different from iOS or Wp8. The default interface arranged all apps by time. If the app is a browser or e-book app, it will replaced with the last viewed content. This let user learn more from what they were reading and makes it easier to continue. However, problems come as some icons on Android platform use low resolution. These icons will become strange when getting stretched. This mess icons makes the main interface a very bad appearance.

System and apps are not well optimized

Kindle Fire run on the re-developed Android 2.x OS. This means users can just install Android 2.x apps after got root access. But these apps are designed for 3.7″/4.0″ screens. As the result, the font size is too small on Kindle Fire.

Bad compatibility

Amazon makes some customization on Android OS. But these actions makes the system compatibility very bad. Some third-party apps are unable to be installed on it. Some apps can’t run after installed. This makes Kindle Fire don’t like a general tablet.

Too small disk storage

The un-expandable  8GB storage inherited Kindle’s tradition. Amazon intent to make Kindle Fire a cloud mobile device without need of much storage volume to save files. Amazon attempt to explore a new service based on cloud service without using PC as a link. This is a good idea for business. But, for Amazon users, especially for those who just have low internet speed, it becomes a big problem as they can’t save many apps or musics offline.

Very slow response

In consideration of the $199 price, we should not compare Kindle Fire with iPad2. But the comparison is unavoidable. The Kindle Fire response much slower than iPad2.

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