Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100) FAQ

There are too many praises about Samsung Galaxy S2 ( i9100 ). However, some people don’t know how to use it. ITGeeg gathered some frequently asked questions about Galaxy S2.

How to check the ROM version on Galaxy S2?

Enter the “*#1234# ” and you should see the ROM version

How to custom ring tone?

Create three folders on SD card: Alarms, Ringtones, Notifications.  Then put the wanted audio into the folder.

How to change Galaxy S2 font style?

Use the wanted font style to replace following files under system/fonts folder: Clockopia.ttf ( default time font), DroidSans.ttf (default font style ), DroidSans-Bold.ttf ( default bold font )

How to stretch widget?

Press the icon for 2-3 seconds until you feel a vibration, and then you can zoom the widget.

How to change wallpaper

Enter “Applications->gallery” to find the wallpaper you want

How to hide pictures or videos on Galaxy S2

Create a folder on SD card use the name of “.XXX” and put file into this folder. You will then can’t see these files

How to turn off the voice when taking photo

change the name “system/media/audio/ui/Shutter_01.ogg” to “Shutter_01.ogg.bak”

Why it shows just 830MB available?

Galaxy S2 have a 1G storage. But the system takes about 200MB disk volume.