Making Pre-paid phones work for your business

We all already know the reasons for selecting a pre-paid cell over a contracted one:  No credit checks, no scary bill at the end of the month and no tie-in for months on end.

Domestic cell phone consumers are even going as far as replacing their home phones with a cell, and with increasingly competitive call charges and a variety of methods to communicate with your contacts, it’s no wonder the humble home phone looks set to become a dying breed.

New industry data released in May shows American customers are turning their back in droves on costly phone contracts; with mobile phone operators experiencing their first ever net decline in contract subscriptions.  In fact, the number of prepaid customers has reached a new record high and accounts for 25% of all cell users in America.

However, most small businesses who are entirely dependent on their phone service, do not have the luxury of choice between office based communication and mobile contact for their employees.

With both staff and customers set to become more even mobile in the future, demands for affordable business cell phones deals increase.  For any business experiencing this dilemma, the pre-paid cell phone might be the answer to your prayers!

Standard business cell phone contracts force businesses into committing to a cell phone package for an average of two years.  A pretty scary prospect for the business owner, who is unsure of his future phone or business requirements.

Most business owners, who have already committed to a lengthy contract for an employee’s use, often find the contract lasts longer than the staff member.  In addition, it only takes one irresponsible employee to run up a large bill – or worse still, leave the company without returning the phone.

Pre-paid cell phones now offer businesses the chance to own a top-quality phone with all the fancy features of an expensive contract but without any of the pitfalls.  The huge advances in mobile technology means that pre-paid no longer means bulky and a basic, with prepaid phone packages becoming hot topics in the cell phone market.

All of major phone providers are offering some seriously attractive offers and real value for money to small businesses, including superior quality phones, convenient payment options and business friendly features such as email and web browsing.

The question is, can your business afford not to choose pre-paid?

This article was written by Kathryn Thompson, an experienced technology blogger who has written about topics from the latest in mobile technology to GPS trackers.  Kathryn enjoys keeping in touch with her contacts using a pre-paid cell phone.