Android Assistant: Efficiently Manage Android Phone

Despite of powerful hardware and suitable ROM, a smartphone should have a good system and management tool to attract customers. Android Assistant is such a great Android management app to help you optimize Android OS efficiently.

1. Monitor system status (cpu, memory, battery)

Android Assistant support real-time monitor about CPU, memory and battery.

2. Process management

Android Assistant can manage processes like Windows Task manager. It can optimize your system and auto kill useless processes.

3. Cache Cleaner

It can clean all cache files to release more memory for your phone.

4. System Cleaner

Android Assistant can clean all history, Clipboard, Market History, Gmail History, Google Earth History, Google Map History to save your memory.

5. Save battery setting

It can close Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, auto-sync or set screen light to save battery.

6. File Manager

Android Assistant offer a easy but powerful file manager. You can scan SD card, rename, delete, cut, search or create files or folders.

7. Start Up manager

You can close those useless start up processes to speed up starting and save battery.

8. Batch Uninstall

Uninstalling many third party applications one time.

9. Power use

Monitor power consumption of each app.

10. Ringer Mode Manager

It provides a shortcut to change Android phone’s ringer mode

11. Volume Control

Volume Control provides quick access to manage ringer volume, notification volume, media volume, alarm volume, voice call volume and system volume.

12. Startup Time

Android Assistant can calculate the start up time of each third-party apps. This function helps you learn which app is the main reason slowing down your system.

13. Startup Silent

Turn off the system sound on device startup and shutdown.

14. System info

Show your Android platform information and hardware configuration.

15. Optimization Memory Widget

There is a widget let you optimize system memory quickly.

16. App2SD

This function helps to transfer some data to SD card to save memory.

17. Batch Installation

Install many third party applications one time.