Nexus 7 Problems Review

Nexus 7 got many positive opinions from most media. Many people thinks it as the “best 7 inch tablet”. The sales volume also shows good news for Google. However, some users have found many problems on this best 7″ tablet.

Nexus 7 Screen has reported many problems:

  • No sealing on Bottom Left screen.
  • No response when continuous touch.
  • Touch response consistently fails.
  • Backlight bleeding issue.

Nexus 7 also reported other problems which are not related to screen:

  • Virtual screen will automatically click ‘j’ or ‘h’.
  • The Nexus 7 is hardly to be charged.

What’s more, complaints listed above can not cover all problems which have been found on Google Nexus 7. A good news is that Google committed to change a new Nexus 7 if users found quality issue withing 15 days after purchasing. Google will send a new Nexus 7 to users. Users are only required to send back the old one after they get the new products.

The problems on Nexus 7 reminds of the problems we found on the Nexus One. Problems including 3G connection error, touch screen response slow, Wi-Fi connection error and so on.

However, we see much differences. Google has improved their services. When problems puzzled Nexus One, Google only relied on the online channel. Users can only submit their problems on website, FAQ, forum or email. They can’t access Google customer service by phone. These makes most problems can not get proper answer. The result is Google lost customers’ confidence.

After two years, Google learn much from the experience on Nexus One. Users can contact Google by phone now. Though the number is always busy, it is better than not available.

But the most important thing Google should learn is the quality. Nexus 7 should be well checked before shipping.