Ten Ways to Personalize Your Laptop

A laptop computer is a symbol of freedom. With the expansion of free WiFi service to just about every business in the United States, someone with a laptop and a wireless Internet connection is no longer tethered to a desk and an Internet access cable. The laptop user is free to take her computer wherever she wants and utilize the power of the Internet.

The problem with laptop computers is that they all tend to look the same. This ultimate symbol of freedom and individuality tends to group its owners all together in the same group based on the look of the laptop. If you really want to make your laptop the ultimate symbol of freedom, then you need to personalize it.

Laptop Skins

Laptop skins are covers for your laptop that feature any design, color, image or pattern you want. If you want your laptop to display your favorite sports team’s colors and logo, then invest in a laptop skin with those colors and that image on it to help you show the world your sports loyalty.

Laptop skins can have animal prints, movie themes, music themes or almost any other kind of theme you could want. You can get a skin with a series of colorful lines on it, or you can order a custom skin that features a picture of your favorite pet.

Background Image

When people look at your laptop screen, the first thing they notice is your screen’s background image. If you want to personalize your computer, then that background image needs to be a picture you took of one of your favorite subjects. All you need to do is to upload the picture to your computer, right mouse click and then choose to make it your background image.


The sounds your laptop makes when you press buttons or receive email are factory defaults when you first buy the laptop. That means that your laptop makes the same sounds as thousands of other computers. You can upload your own sounds and replace all of your laptop sounds with your own personal audio samples.


Some people like to strategically place stickers on the outer shell of their laptops, while other just put stickers wherever they can find space. Just remember to not put stickers on your keyboard, screen or over the vents that allow your computer to circulate air.

Desktop Themes

Desktop themes are fun because you can change them whenever you want and they change almost everything about your laptop. A desktop theme will change your background image, your sounds, your cursor and your desktop color scheme.

Screen Saver

There are a lot of different screen savers available, but remember that most operating systems allow you the chance to create your own custom screen saver as well. You can upload an image and make it dance around as your screen saver, or you can make your favorite two-word saying your animated screen saver.

Felt Pens

If you have a black laptop case, then get a silver felt pen and write your favorite sayings on it. You can also put information on your laptop that would help you identify it if you ever misplaced it.


As long as you are very careful, then you can attach glitter to the top of your laptop shell using all-purpose glue. Some people even go so far as to glue seashells and other items to their laptop shell as well.

Carrying Case

Remember that all of these ideas for customizing the shell of your laptop can also be done to your laptop carrying case as well. If you are going to give your laptop some personality, then you can give some to your carrying case as well.

Password Protection

Nothing is more custom on a laptop than a password protected login sequence. This little bit of customization will protect your information in case your laptop is ever lost or stolen.

You can make your laptop stand out from all the rest by taking the time to personalize it. When you are done, there will be no mistaking the fact that it is your laptop.