Before your install a new hard drive, you should prepare a new hard drive and divide it into partitions which are the same to old hard drive. Then you should backup your important data in order to avoid any risk though there is no much risk if your follow my steps. Start your work now. 1. Connect […]

Setting up your own network has become easier in recent years, as technology has improved. With increased sophistication, many of the networking components, such as those available from Castle Computers, automatically connect and communicate with each other, meaning that there is less technological jargon to decipher, and fewer hoops to jump through. Step 1: Understanding […]

Japan Thinks Your Next Smartphone Could Be a Robot

When it comes to the latest gadget news, Japan seems to be running ahead of the world and has been there for some time now. But what exactly does the country have that the rest of us don’t? Well, it looks like Japan is not afraid to get up, close and personal with their technology. […]

Now that it’s out, the latest iPhone 5 sales has without a doubt made its mark globally – 9 million units sold and counting. In turn, an unprecedented following of hungry buyers mushroomed, coming out from just about every conceivable nook and cranny not unlike those ‘walking deads’ in the TV series. With all the […]

Many businesses today are completely intimidated by the thought of dealing with their data. This is especially true for smaller businesses. The owners of those businesses are looking for ways to stay protected without having to learn new skills in order to make things work. They are busy, and they would rather put their energy […]

While the regenerative thermal oxidizers from can certainly help to reduce air pollution by burning off the pollutants as they are emitted, simply using them is not enough to really cut back. They need to be part of the process, part of the overall plan to slash pollution and return the air to its […]

The computer-like features of a Smartphone such as its ability to send or receive emails and to create or edit documents make it a coveted pick in the cellular phone market. Because of the availability of a lot of brands running on different operating systems, however, knowing the efficiency of a smartphone has been an […]

A laptop computer is a symbol of freedom. With the expansion of free WiFi service to just about every business in the United States, someone with a laptop and a wireless Internet connection is no longer tethered to a desk and an Internet access cable. The laptop user is free to take her computer wherever […]

Motorola Milestone 3 ( XT883 ) run on Android 2.3.3. Its TI OMAP4430 dual core CPU with 512MB RAM will makes you want to update to an new Android version. This manual will tell you how to flash Motorola Milestone 3 with RSD. 1. Download RSD Lite 5.6 and install it. 2. Connect  Droid 3 to PC and make sure […]

Networking is an element of communication and life as a whole that we need to appreciate greatly. Computer networking is being adopted by many businesses around the world. It helps to streamline operations and internal business communications. Networks come in varied forms. The internet is the largest network traversing the whole world and enabling people […]