Before your install a new hard drive, you should prepare a new hard drive and divide it into partitions which are the same to old hard drive. Then you should backup your important data in order to avoid any risk though there is no much risk if your follow my steps. Start your work now. 1. Connect […]

Have you recently upgraded your computer with the new Windows 7 operating system? If yes, then it is critical that you devote your attention towards installing the best antivirus software that is compatible with your newer operating system. Knowing this, the problem is now knowing what antivirus programs—given the sheer number of available software in […]

Windows 8, the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, will have little impact on the industrial PC market for at least three years, according to a new report on the global IPC market by IMS research. Senior IHS analyst, Toby Colquhoun expects Windows 8 adoption to follow the pattern set by previous Microsoft operating systems.  […]

New UI and perfect touch experience

Microsoft showed their new generation Windows 8 to developers on the BUILD.  They are going to make big changes from chip set to  user interface. On this meeting, Microsoft showed some best features of windows 8. New UI and perfect touch experience Windows 8 deployed new Metro style UI design. This interface make typing on tablet […]