How to install new hard drive without reinstall system

Before your install a new hard drive, you should prepare a new hard drive and divide it into partitions which are the same to old hard drive. Then you should backup your important data in order to avoid any risk though there is no much risk if your follow my steps. Start your work now.

1. Connect the new hard drive to your computer.

Note you have set the hard drive to “Slave” and the old drive to “Master”.

2. Enter Ghost and select “Local—Partition—To partition”
3. There will show two hard disk. You should distinguish these two drive by its volume. Be careful to do any operation. Don’t mistake the original hard drive and the target drive.

the target drive

4.Select the first partition, which is also the C: partition show in this example, for transferring data.

transferring data

5. Select the target drive when you see the window  as below.

target drive

6. Select the target partition in the new hard drive for saving data from C: in the old drive.
target partition
7. Wait for a minutes until it finished.


8. Copy all other files by repeat STEP 4 to STEP 7.

9. Disconnect old hard drive after transferred all data. Then set the new drive to “Master”.

Then you will see the original OS when you restart your computer.

There may be some software damaged. You can check the partition label to make sure  whether they are the same as in the old drive. ( I found that them turned to J,H,I when they should be D,E,F.) If they are not match, go to disk manager and edit the label of each partition.

The best idea is to install a new Operation System as there may be many DLL or other rubbish remain in your system after long times uses.