iPhone 7 rumored to use new case material and 6P lens

iphone-6s_6s_plus_featuredStart from last week, rumors about Apple’s next generation iPhone has been published on the internet. One source has reported that the iPhone 7 will adopt new casing material. Also the according to the source, the iPhone 7 will have a strengthened, waterproof and dust-proof frame.

This strengthened body would certainly bolster the weak points. It will allows users to worry less about dropping your iPhone in liquids or concretes. If this turns out to be the case, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus would be the last in the iPhone line to include a metallic casing for the smartphone.

Another message shows Apple is making optimization to the iPhone 7’s camera. A employee from Apple supply chain said that Apple has ordered 6P lens for iPhone. But current iPhone uses 5P cameras.

6P lens is made of 6 spherical surface. It can refract light from all direction into parallel light to improve the exposure for pictures.

Apple always stick to its own strategy on camera pixel number. When all competitors release their flagship products with incredible high pixels camera, iPhone always stay low pixels. Surely, Apple always improved image quality. Even the latest released iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus stay in 8 mega pixels camera. But this time, iPhone 7 is going to have a great upgrade. The 6P lens will have 12 mega pixels resolution. And this time, iPhone 7 makes a revolution. Most cell phones still uses 5P lens.

It is reported that Apple has started into building prototype iPhone 7. But the official iPhone 7 release date is still far from us. Can’t wait? Find awesome cases on mobile back case site.