5 Best Microsoft Windows 8 Features

Microsoft showed their new generation Windows 8 to developers on the BUILD.  They are going to make big changes from chip set to  user interface. On this meeting, Microsoft showed some best features of windows 8.

New UI and perfect touch experience

New UI and perfect touch experience

Windows 8 deployed new Metro style UI design. This interface make typing on tablet as easy as on keyboard. It also offer a touch browser IE10. IE 10 will be used on all Windows 8 devices. www.itgeeg.com

Powerful network function

Apps on Windows 8 can share most data. You can eMail pictures wherever it from Facebook, Flickr or hard disk. Use the cloud service, users can sync with servers anytime.

Windows 7 Compatible

Windows 8 is developed based on Windows 7. But Windows 8 improved safety, capacity and stability. It need less memory and less power. It also improved Task Manager and Windows Explorer. The windows 7 sync folders remain.

Open Windows Store

Windows Store

Windows 8 integrated they Windows Store. It let Windows developers sell their apps anywhere. Microsoft also providers many language choices so developers can use their most familiar developing language.

Support New Hardware and X86 & ARM platform

Windows 8 support many platforms include ARM chip set, X86 devices, touch screen. This feature makes Windows 8 can perfect run on most devices from Tablet PC, Notebook to 27 HD All-in-one PC.

On the BUILD meeting, Microsoft displayed a Samsung PC based on Windows Developer Preview. Now developers are able to download Windows Developer Preview (Windows 8 beta version) from Windows Dev Center. The Windows 8 download times have exceeded 500,000 in one day.