Tricks to Know the Speed of Your Smartphone

5852218291_d017fc0436The computer-like features of a Smartphone such as its ability to send or receive emails and to create or edit documents make it a coveted pick in the cellular phone market. Because of the availability of a lot of brands running on different operating systems, however, knowing the efficiency of a smartphone has been an ordeal for most buyers.

Do you know an app developer that has a good speed test mechanism? Then you better try any application development on the market or on the websites.

The Need to Test the Speed of a Smartphone

App developers have created fine programs that encompass the ability to test the data speed of a Smartphone. You need to know the speed of your Smartphone to know whether it is too sluggish or not. In case it is proven to be of low pace, you then have to take appropriate speeding up measures or options. For instance, you will need to uninstall unused apps or remove unwanted widgets.

Aside from that, if you want to check whether the phone provider’sclaim about the speediness of their product is true, then let your Smartphone go through the assessment. Application development is still in its early stages, but now there are existing possible ways to make out the speed of a Smartphone. Know how fast yours are with the following applications on different online portals.

Speedtest App

This speed test is perfect for Android or iOS running Smartphones. It is an uncomplicated way to analyze the bandwidth or latency by only hovering through the website of and clicking the Begin Test button. You are then connected to the test server which is in closest proximity toyour device. However, since this web app relies on the presence of Flash, it may not work well on the phone’s browser.

Cisco Global Internet Speed Test (GIST)

Application development hasmade the speed test of your Blackberry Smartphone more straightforward and practical. The GIST app deals with evaluating whether the reported speeds are truly equal to the actual speed of your device. Make sure to manually choose the nearest test server for a more reflective output.


This data speed app is great for Windows Phone 7 Smartphones. It is also a quick speed evaluator. It still has to take on other test servers, though.’s Speed Test

For all 3G Smartphone owners, the app developer of Wired.Com will suit your need for speed analysis. It runs its data speed comparison of phone carriers by letting users view a map that plots the results of the testing process in various locations across the United States.

Indeed, there are some apps that make Smartphone speed testing possible. But do you know that the simplest trick to evaluate the speed of yours is through your phone browsing experience. Does the screen get frozen and lags at certain points? You have to know if it is through your own doings. Adding too many unresponsive apps or widgets that you don’t need anyway contribute to Smartphone slowdowns. Free your phone’s memory by ending the life of unnecessary software.

There is no harm in trying. Since there are available tricks to know the speed of your Smartphone anyway, better take advantage of them!