HP TouchPad & Pre 3 on Sale, Will WebOS Die?

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Since HP announced to discontinue WebOS  operation last few days, there are concerns about WebOS will die. For this reason, some people don’t willing to purchase an on sale HP TouchPad, HP Veer or HP Pre 3 cell phone as the two are based on WebOS system. So will HP let WebOS die?

There are phenomenons suggest WebOS is going to die. The announcement from HP that they will kill WebOS department is the major concern that WebOS will die. And HP TouchPad & Pre 3 on sale at an extreme cheap price in Canada, US, BestBuy or Staples shows the determination of HP to kill WebOS.

But IT Geeg still believing in that a fact that HP will continue WebOS in another direction. We can analysis from some reasons why HP won’t throw away WebOS.

The large investment on WebOS makes HP won’t let it die.

HP invested much in WebOS developing. The purchase of Palm is the #2 biggest investment in HP financial history. The market performance of webOS phones was poor, and it seems that HP did not hope that the just released Pre3 and TouchPad would make a difference. IT Geeg thinks HP won’t let their big investment just go into the sea. They will take actions to continue WebOS in another way.

There are still many WebOS enthusiasts.

For Palm enthusiasts, WebOS development stops is certainly coming as a hit. Many hoped that HP’s money would result in the release of more webOS phones and that the platform would finally manage to take off on the market. This will drive HP to think about ways to make profit from these loyal users.

HP still offer after sale services for HP TouchPad & HP Veer, Pre 3.

HP will continue its support for those sold WebOS devices. This is for a reason of responsibility. But another reason maybe HP still want to develop WebOS system. www.itgeeg.com

The one reasonable idea is that HP will sell its WebOS business to other company or try another direction to continue its life. There are researcher think HP will consider continuing the development of webOS for mobile devices, with the sole purpose of licensing the platform to other companies.

So you can still purchase HP Veer, Pre 3 or HP TouchPad and it will be the most wisdom tablet choice because of the lowest price & relatively high product quality.