Hurricane Center Tracker App for Android & iPhone

On Aug. 22, hurricane Irene swept through Puerto Rico and it makes its way towards the Bahamas, Haiti and possibly Florida and the Carolinas. Now is good time to learn how to tack hurricanes on your smartphone to prepare for a hurricane. There actually some hurricane center tracking apps to deliver up-to-date information about hurricane other than just watching  weather forecasts on the TV. IT Geeg is here to recommend you hurricane tracking apps on Android or iPhone.

iMap Weather Radio App

This app cost $9.99. It will alert you if you enter an area  “where a watch/warning is subsequently issued” by obtain your GPS location.

Hurricane HD app

This will supply you a video update for storms from ABC news. It covers hurricanes all over the world. The app costs $2.99.

Hurricane iPhone App

It’s the most popular hurricane tracking app for iPhone and other iOS devices. It is awarded 2008 iPhone Apps Excellence Award and 2009 BestAppEver Awards Finalist! You can purchase it at a price of $1.99.

The weather Channel App

There are two edition for weather Channel App. The Weather Channel iPhone App now cost $3.99 but the the Weather Channel Android app is free now. It supply you the most exhaustive information about local weather. It show you weather information with full screen weather map, detailed weather conditions and forecasts and more. But some say they prefer the Weather Channel’s mobile site over the application.

These tools will help you keep track of hurricane up-to-date with your mobile device. Surely, if you are not willing to pay for weather information, some of the free weather mobile site is another good choice. The only shortage of viewing information on websites is that you may not get information on time as you won’t often open these sites on you smartphone or tablet.