4 Best Instagram Plugins for WordPress

IT Geeg introduced Instagram former. I also recommended you 10 best Instagram apps. Now I’d like to introduce 4 best Instagram Plugins for WordPress to WP bloggers. These 4 wordpress  plugin allows bloggers display Instagram pictures on wordpress blog. For this reason, WP bloggers can move their gallery to Instagram.


WordPress plugin Instapress will display your Instagram photos in a sidebar widget, post or pages. You can create a single page for showing Instagram photo via the Instagram URL. This plugin use a  jQuery’s fancybox plugin to display a image slideshow.

Download: Instapress for wordpress


The insta.SHOW plugin will display all your Instagram pictures in a single WordPress page.

This is insta.SHOW, a plugin for displaying your instagram content in a wordpress page!


Instagram Embed

The Instagram Embed plugin for wordpress will user WordPress Easy Embeds to insert Instagram pictures into posts. For more control, wrap the url in the embed shortcode and pass it one of three values via the size attribute.

Download:Instagram Embed

Instagram for WordPress

This plugin allow you the simple way to show your latest 20 instagr.am pictures in a sidebar widget.

Download:Instagram for WordPress